Turismo Verde

Why we all have to take part in changing the World.


It is not easy to talk about sustainable tourism or social responsability without being obvious or too vague, but social and green issues are becoming more and more important and we really want to do our bit and contribute to environmental and cultural protection.We are aware that the information and tips you find in this section are not exhaustive, just the first steps towards a ecofriendly approach to our city and its resources.By making positive choices during your visit you can help to look after our area (remember that Florence historical centre is a World Heritage property) ensuring it is just as special on your next visit.
Suggestions to Sustainable Tourism:
  • – Put on a Sweater
  • – Wear more clothes instead of turning up the thermostat.
  • – Turn off Your Computer- Shut off your computer when not in use. Conserve energy by using your computer’s “sleep mode” instead of a screensaver.
  • – Unplug Unused Electronics (even your mobile phone)
  • – Take Shorter Showers
  • – Take quick showers using less hot water means using less energy.
  • – Recycle- Recycle paper, plastic and glass.
  • – Buy Organic Food
  • – Bring Cloth Bags to the Market- Use cloth or reusable bags when shopping instead of plastic or paper bags.
  • – Buy Products Locally
  • – Buy Minimally Packaged Goods
  • – Educate yourself about the place you are visiting and the people.
  • – Respect cultural differences – and learn from it! People in different places do things differently – don’t try to change them – enjoy them.
  • – Take public transit. Ride a bike, walk, wander.

We will try to be the change but we cannot do this without your help. We have to take care of our Mother for she has taken care of us.

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